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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Steve Schmidt Hired To Run McCain Campaign

I really am trying to find any reason to get excited about the upcoming election. Unfortunately, Sen McCain's hiring today of CA Victory 2006 statewide campaign chairman Steve Schmidt is not a reason to get pumped up about. In fact it's another slap in the face to the base of the party. If you speak with people who were intimately involved in the Victory 06 California operation, you will get near universal agreement that practically the whole op was a disaster for Republicans who were not at the top of the ticket(read that as Arnold Schwarzenneger). Team Arnold was all about Team Arnold and didn't lift a finger to help out the down ticket races. If you couple this with a nominee like McCain, who fits quite nicely into the Arnold Schwarzenneger political philosophy of screwing over the party any chance he gets, you will get Arnold Schwarzenegger version 2.0 in the White House. Maybe Steve Schmidt will actually give a damn this year about getting some more Republicans elected in the Congress to go with a possible McCain Presidency. If we go by past track records, he will only be watching out for his boss, Sen McCain.


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