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Monday, February 25, 2008

New Irvine Political Blog

I was just informed that there is a new Irvine political blog on the scene. The name of it is The Irvine Tattler. It is written by a former long time ally of Larry Agran, Stephen C. Smith! This is great. We need more coverage of Larry trying to anoint himself dictator for life in Irvine. Stephen will have some very cogent insight into the mind of Larry Agran since he used to be his executive assistant.

I was talking to some Irvine political people last week. Did you know that over the course of time since Larry's team has been back in the majority, not once has the council majority differed on any votes. I found that astonishing. I mean I knew that Sukhee and Beth didn't think for themselves, but this is like a smoking gun. Are you gonna tell me that out of hundreds of votes taken, not once has Sukhee or Beth voted against Larry. Nice independence there guys. You're supposed to represent all of Irvine.

This brings me to my next thought about about the upcoming Council meeting Tuesday. Larry, errr I mean Beth, (sarcasm on)has come up with a brilliant plan to cherry pick part of the recently enacted ethics ordinance dealing with lobbyists and place it on the June ballot.(sarcasm off). Come on guys, we've been down this road before. You tried to smear Christina Shea during the last election cycle and it didn't work. This is some really brilliant political work there Larry, how original. Try to weaken Christina before the November election by passing more ethics stuff when you're the one who should be targeted by an ethics ordinance. If this is so important that it needs to be put on the June ballot, why not have the entire ordinance on the ballot? I can answer my own question...because November is fast approaching and Larry needs some good lies for his Hometown Voter guides. I encourage Irvine residents to show up at the Council meeting Tuesday and let their voices be heard on this issue.


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