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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election Thoughts From Yesterday

Super Tuesday is over. It looks like the GOP is hell bent on nominating John McCain. If that is the road they want to go down, then they can knock themselves out because McCain won't be getting my support EVER. For the Dems, it appears that a steel cage match between Barack Obama and the Hildabeast is developing. My money is on the Clinton machine to pull out the nomination.

Ron Paul didn't do very well in California and in most states, although he did take second place finishes in States like Montana, Nevada, Louisiana, North Dakota, Minnesaota, and won three delegates in West Virginia with a deal struck with Huckabee. All these states were caucus or state convention states. What that tells me is we are better at getting our activists to show up at these places than getting the masses to vote for Ron Paul in primary states. This stems from the fact that there has been a near total media blackout on Ron Paul. It is what it is.

Our OC Ron Paul contingent met at the Classic Q last night to watch election returns and talk about how we are going to move forward. There is a lot of excitement with our supporters to stay active locally and have an effect on local races. We are going to start building the OC Ron Paul Republican farm team.

Derek Olson from the OC Weekly was at our event and filed this report.


  • At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, now that Mitt is out of the race, it looks like it is now Paul's time to shine! I bet McCain won't even show up for the debates. Go get
    him, Ron!



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