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Friday, February 08, 2008

Federal Prosecutors Release Some Mike Carona Tapes

This post is dedicated to all the Carona defenders out there in the OC GOP heirarchy. Today federal prosecutors released some transcripts of former Carona confidant Don Haidl speaking with Mike Carona about how they were going to obstruct justice and lie on the stand about all the cash gifts and bribes Haidl gave to Carona over the years. The word "damning" comes to my mind. Carona lawyers are going to work overtime to try and get this evidence suppressed you can bet. Without further ado, here's some of the conversations our former top law enforcement official has with Don Haidl...
On the tapes, prosecutors say, when discussing the cash payments, Carona tells Haidl that "unless there was a pinhole in your ceiling that evening" that he would falsely claim that he never got money from Haidl. "Pinhole," prosecutors say, referred to a hidden camera.
They didn't have a video pinhole Mike, but an audio pinhole that Haidl was wearing you jackass...let's continue our journey here...

"I'm OK getting up on the stand and saying that," Haidl tells Carona, according to the transcripts.

"It could be either one of us getting up on the stand and saying that," Carona responds.

Later in the conversation, prosecutors say, Haidl and Carona are discussing whether the government would be able to trace the cash payments. At that point, according to the transcripts, Haidl tells Carona that "as long as our stories are straight, I'm OK, as long as I know there's no trail anywhere."

"No trail anywhere," Carona responds.

"OK," Haidl says.

"Period," Carona responds.

"OK," Haidl repeats.

"Period. Period," Carona says. "In fact, not even close to being a trail."

These are just a few of the choice quotes from the filed brief. Read the whole thing here. Carona has quite the foul mouth when it comes to the English language.


  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger Amy Stoody said…

    I have read the transcript in its entirety and all I can think about is "Watergate." The evidence against Carona, who has quite a penchant for the expletives, appears to be quite damning. It is time to cut a deal and save the taxpayers and residents of Orange County further embarassment and expense.


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