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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mike Carona Is Fired Resigns From Homeland Security Task Force

I heard on KFI driving in to work this morning that Homeland Security fired Sheriff Carona from their task force. Gee I can't imagine why they would do such a thing. Maybe it has something to do with losing his security clearance because he's under a seven count federal indictment, but that's just me. Here's the Register story.

I loved this quote from Carona spokesman Mike Schroeder trying to refute that Sheriff Carona was fired...
"That's just false. He tendered his resignation right away. It wasn't because he was asked to."
Whatever you say Mike. If Carona was so anxious to quit this Homeland Security gig, how about telling your guy that it's in everyone's best interest if he resigns from being Sheriff. If you could only hear yourself talk. This is crazy. No one believes the little sheriff anymore. Mike Carona is done, through, finished, finito.

There's also some other news about Mike Carona that's brewing that I will have for you guys later today.


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