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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

OC Sheriff Mike Carona Indicted

It's all over but the shoutin' for Mike Carona, aka the "Little Sheriff" according to the LA Times. An indictment against the Sheriff will be unsealed as early as today. When asked to comment about the indictment, Carona spokeman Mike Schroeder deadpanned that Sheriff Carona is
"focused on the fires".
Hehehe. Classic. He's focused on the fires alright. He's focusing all his energy on stamping out political and legal fires he's created for himself. Unfortunately for him, the hole is to big to get out of now. The Sheriff should resign over this abuse of his office(alledgedly). He can have his day in court, but he needs to resign ASAP because he has lost the moral authority to govern.

I can already see the fallout from this development. This is a huge black eye for the county party. They went out of their way to endorse the Sheriff for re-election even though many things were already known about the Sheriff's handling of his office. It doesn't speak well for the persons who went to bat for the Sheriff(they know who they are). I'm sure they are very embarrassed by these developments as well, but the party could have been spared this extra embarrassment if they would have allowed the first vote not to endorse the Sheriff to stand.

I also want to give a shout out to Lt. Bill Hunt(ret.). He ran against Carona's corruption and almost got the race into a runoff situation. I believe he should be appointed Sheriff when Carona resigns. He's been put through hell by the Little Sheriff just for having the gall to run against his boss. He's got some big time karma working for him right now.

Lastly, huge props go to R Scott Moxely of the OC Weekly. He was a lone voice in the wilderness uncovering Mike Carona's corruption and reporting it in the OC Weekly. He has done the county a huge favor by keeping on this story. I wish there a lot more Scott Moxelys in the county.


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