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Monday, June 11, 2007

Show Us Your Teeth!

So the NY Times does an article this past Sunday on the recently defeated amnesty bill that was actually fairly well written. Here is the link. The part that is disturbing about the article is the pictures of some anti-amnesty people without any chicklets as seen here:

Their implication is that all the people that are against the amnesty bill are rednecks, white trash, trailer trash, unwashed masses, etc. In other words, this is par for the course for a fish wrap like the NY Times. So today, John & Ken are asking all their listeners to send the NY Times editor a picture of ourselves with all of our teeth. Done. Apparently they are getting flooded with pictures now. Good. Here is the info where to send your picture:

Send your picture to The New York Times and show them that you are not an unwashed redneck! Or simply tell them ā€œIā€™m against amnesty and I have my teeth!ā€

229 West 43rd Street. New York, NY 10036


or call: 1-888-698-6397, 212-556-7652


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