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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All's Not Well In Laker Land

It's been a while since my last sports post, but I can't let what's happening to my beloved Lakers go without comment. The shi* is hitting the fan big time right now. Kobe has accused the Lakers of lying to him about wanting to rebuild the team after dumping Shaq back in 2005 and he has demanded to be traded now. They also were telling people that it was Kobe who demanded that Shaq be traded when the truth was that Dr. Buss personally met with Kobe at the Four Seasons in Newport and told Kobe that "he was not going to re-sign Shaq". This is a sad spectacle. All the blame lays with the Laker front office IMO. Ever since Jerry West left, the team has made all the wrong moves. On top of all this, it was reported today also that Dr. Buss was arrested for a DUI down in Carlsbad with a 23 year old babe in tow. The dam has burst. It's time to clean house in this organization. Fire Mitch Kupchak and the entire front office. Bring Jerry West back ASAP to right this ship. Geezz


  • At 10:15 PM, Blogger Amy said…

    Lakers are a mess! Kobe wanted to be traded as of this morning, and then later on, he says he had a nice/emotional conversation with Phil and he wants to hold off on the trade ideas. Nice PR spin.

    Thank goodness for my Spurs. I only found love for the Spurs when Horry left the Lakers for San Antonio. I am headed to Game 2 in San Antonio next weekend for some NBA madness!


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