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Monday, June 18, 2007

Ron Nehring's First Big Unforced Error

So we're in the heat of battle right now on the Senate amnesty bill. It would be helpful if the state GOP parties showed a nice contrast from the RNC on this issue. What does CRP Chairman Ron Nehring do to fill a high level communications position in the CRP?...he hires some Canadian dude named Christopher Matthews through an H-B1 Visa. That's not the same Chris Matthews of Softball errr Hardball on MSNBC. This guy is supposed to be some ringer from Canada hired to help our California Republican Party with political messages. If that ain't the irony of all ironies. Nice message Ron. I guess there were no US citizens who could fit the bill? I mean this guy may or could be the next Karl Rove/guru, but the message this sends is horrible. Any positive this guy brings to the table has already been over shadowed by this bone-headed move. Nice going Mr. Chairman. A gunshot to the foot would have been easier.


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