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Friday, January 26, 2007

Congrats To John Edwards

You can file this post under the hypocracy column. First let me congratulate the former Senator and Presidential candidate for building his dream home in North Carolina. He's building a huge estate that when completed will take up more than 28,000 sq ft and it is built on a lot of 106 acres. Damn. He's my hero. I aspire to get myself one of those homes some day. He made millions suing people and now he's cashing in. Props to him. The problem Mr. Edwards has is that he is a hypocrite. One of his favorite phrases from his presidential run was "two Americas". You know rich America and poor America. Here's the link to the article. I love the contrast..."I'm for the poor"....then build 28,000 sq ft mansion on 106 acres.


  • At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Heywood Jablowm said…

    Poor Allan. I feel sorry for you if your thought process is that parochial.

    You must have learned that while attending Westwood Community College.

    And btw. How did that last Irvine election turn out for you?


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