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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Armando Garcia In US Authority's Hands Finally

After four long difficult years for the March family, Armando Garcia was finally handed over this morning to US authorities. Better late than never I guess. For those who don't know, Armando Garcia is an illegal alien that killed Deputy March during a routine traffic stop(is there ever such a thing as a routine stop for a police officer???). Here's the LA Times story link. John, Barbara, and Teri March will finally be able to get some justice for the cold blooded killing of their son & husband, David March. This is a poignant day for me too because I got to know John & Barbara March while working on Jim Gilchrist's campaign for Congress a year and half ago. They are the best. They have been through hell and back trying to get our stupid elected officials to put pressure on Mexico to extradite Garcia. It was like trying to pull teeth. We had Congressmen like David Dreier constantly working against us and coddling Mexico at every turn. John March came within a whisker of actually deciding to run against David Dreier. In the end he decided not to run. David Dreier was shaking in his boots.

So this is a day to be happy about. I have full confidence in Los Angeles DA Steve Cooley being able to get a life in prison verdict against Garcia, but it will be a long and I'm afraid painful trial. A lot of bad memories are going to come back from that horrible day of April 29, 2002. Nonetheless I am happy for John, Barbara, and Teri today. Garcia will be handcuffed with Deputy March's handcuffs Thursday for his arraignment.


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