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Monday, August 28, 2006

You'll Never Guess What Just Happened???

There are certain things in life that people can count on. You know, things like death & taxes, the sun rising in the east & setting in the west, Arnold acting like a Democrat, Michael Moore not missing a meal, DC Republicans giving lip service to conservative issues, etc. You get the picture. You can count on these aforementioned things happening 100% of the time. So that brings me to tonight up in Sacramento. Yes that's right, the Legislature is still in session and wouldn't cha know it, the Assembly passed another illegal alien drivers license bill. Gee, I wouldn't have guessed that they would do this in a thousand years. Yes "One Bill Gil" is back with a vengence. Chuck DeVore was just on John Zieler's show and confirmed this.

This brings us to our Governor. One would think that this would be an easy softball for the Governor to veto. You think those thoughts at your own peril. Arnold hasn't exactly been strong on illegal immigration the last few months. In fact, he's downright become an open border radical. We know he thinks people who want the immigration laws enforced as being racist. We know he no longer supports Proposition 187. We know he prefers the Senate comprehensive "amnesty" immigration bill. Why are all my Republican friends so sure he will veto this bill? I have lost all confidence in the Governor on this issue.


  • At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Ron I. said…

    Doesn't surprise me. Arnold is a Democrat wearing a Republican suit. Arnold just signed SB1441 smashing religious freedom. There are a few senate bills on the floor that promote same sex marriage as well as promote bisexual, transsexual and homosexual education in textbooks in our elementary schools K-12. Check out savecalifornia.com and see what the gay and lesbian PAC are doing to good ol' California. California is going to the dogs. Only problem is that we have nobody to be a good servant leader. It all comes down to money. I tell you what we have to do is educate the California voter. We are all being brain washed by the party with the most money. Take for example, city council race. Larry definitely is going to pump millions of dollars into Kang and Kroms reelection campaign. Otherwise, he will lose total control of the Great Park. Sometimes when you don't have a great deal of money to influence the general public, then you have no hope. We have to come together and retake California government.


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