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Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin

So I'm driving home last night from watching what's sure to be an all time classic movie, Beerfest(more about it later) and tuned into the last part of Matt Drudge's radio show to hear that Steve Irwin aka "the crocodile hunter" had died. My first thought was that I knew this day was coming and I wondered what kind of animal/reptile had killed him. I was shocked to learn that it was from a stingray of all animals. I had envisioned Steve getting bitten in half by a crocodile or taking a bite from an extremely venomous snake. He has had a huge impact animal preservation front. The odds just caught up with him though. He took too many chances IMO. You have to respect any animal that has the potential to kill you. A lot of my readers probably don't know that I have been into reptiles myself ever since I was growing up in Irvine and I found my first kingsnake at the ripe ol' age of nine years old. I have been fascinated by snakes ever since then. I never miss a chance to go to the San Diego Zoo or Long Beach Aquarium to see all the cool wildlife. Anyways I was very sad to hear this news. May he rest in peace.


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