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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm proud to announce that no less than four resolutions dealing with illegal immigration will be offered at the GOP state convention in a few weeks. Steve Frank has a rundown here on them.

The first one will be a "no benefits" resolution a la Prop 187. The second one will deal with the issue of "anchor babies". The third one is an "enforce the law" one. The last one will stress no amnesty in any new immigration law.

This will be a good chance for the party to go on record about what the right policy and position should be on these issues. I'm sure team Arnold will stop at nothing to try to water down or defeat these resolutions. After all, he voted for Prop 187 before he "found a new position on it" according to a recent quote by Lt Gov. candidate Tom McClintock. He flip flopped on it in other words!

Speaking of Mr. Hypocritical himself(Arnold), it looks like it's okay to come out strongly against "global warming", but illegal immigration is a federal issue and therefore I can't take a strong position on it. We now know Arnold has a nice double standard going. Global warming is really really important, but it's okay if California turns into Mexico(according to actual illegal aliens this week in the LA Times). I got it Arnold.


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