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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bill For Carona's Bad Decisions Coming Due

It's a pretty slow news morning, but this story in the Register caught my eye...Golfers file $4 million suit against county. You can't make this stuff up. When this case is all said & done, it's going to cost the county thousands of dollars in settlement and attorneys fees. Maybe the Sheriff needs to get "educated" (his words about Chris Norby's questioning of his survey request) about how it's not kosher for him to give a gun and a badge to campaign contributors.

Mike also wrote a letter to the Register that was published in this mornings paper that tries to rationalize why he needs his little $400k survey. Thankfully Supervisors Norby and Correa voted against giving him this blank check. I'm sure though that this decision will be reversed when Supervisor Campbell get to vote on this issue(he was absent from the last vote). He seems to be an automatic rubber stamp for all the Sheriff's requests. C'mon Bill, surprise me.


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