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Monday, July 10, 2006

Irvine Political Update

Disclaimer: these are my own opinions and don't necessarily represent the views of the IRC

First, let me apologize to OC residents who have been reading a lot about our city in the news lately. It's pretty embarrassing to live under the current political leadership in my beloved city. The past few weeks and months have been particularly brutal. We've had the sister city fiasco with China/Taiwan. You had the Grand Jury Report come out and slam the way the city has been giving out no bid contracts to friends of Larry Agran & Co Inc. We've seen a hostile takeover of the Great Park Board orchestrated by Larry, Beth, & Sukkee. Oh yeah and how could I forget that ridiculous "ethics" ordinance pushed through by Larry to get back at his perennial council adversary Christina Shea. How ironic of Larry to push through an ethics ordinance. Just amazing. This is just the stuff that has happened in the past few weeks and months! Christina Shea and Steven Choi have been fighting the good fight, but they need one more vote to change the way business is currently being done.

What are we doing about all this you might ask? Well I and along with others from the Irvine Republican Council have been building a grassroots machine to get Republicans out to the polls this November for candidates that we are making sure have it as their mission to get Irvine back to the days of honest and good government. We have two council seats and the mayoral position that will need to get filled this November. Christina is running for re-election so that leaves two people that we need to step up here. These are officially "non partisan" offices that need to be filled, but that is a joke and everyone knows it. There is no such thing as a non-partisan office that I can think of. Larry, Beth, and Sukkee are liberal Democrats. You may ask who the candidates are that have declared or are running. I don't have those answers just yet. I know one thing though, despite the urging of some people, I will not be one of those candidates. I may some time in the future run for public office, but right now is not the time for me or my family. I hope people respect my decision. I know though there will be two good Irvine citizens who along with Christina, will put their names forward and be great candidates. We have a great bench here in Irvine of people who want to bring a change to the way the Great Park and other important Irvine issues are decided. I love this city. Some people on my list of good potential candidates would be Charlene Hatakeyama, David Sparks, Greg Smith, Eunice Cluck, Chris Vliss, John Duong, Adam Probolsky, and Nicolas Romero just to name a few. I have lived here my entire life. I want to see it returned to good custodians who have the residents best interests at heart, not to someone who wants to be a king. Stay tuned here for further details as they become available.


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