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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nogales, Mexico Overwhelmed By, Gasp...Illegal Alien Deportees

This is truly a story of man bites dog. So I'm surfing the net and open the Left Angeles Times to read this gem of a story. I guess dropping off an average of 500 deported illegal aliens a day is not very good for the crime rate in Nogales, Mexico...LOL. (sarcasm on)I know, I know, they just wanna work(sarcasm off). On one hand I want to bust out laughing and say "nanny na na na na" and on the other hand it's sad to realize that Nogales citizens in Mexico are being victimized by their own people. It's another casualty of the failed open border policy of this government. Maybe some La Raza & Mecha types can go down to Nogales and explain to the citizens how dumping off 500 criminals a day is good for their city. I'm guessing that explanation is not gonna be forthcoming.


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