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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Havana Daydreaming

Stashed his trash in Ecuador, bought a good suit of clothes.
Flew on up to Mexico, standin' by the shore.
Waiting for some mystery man, to pay him for his time.
Thinkin' about all the money he made,
couldn't help to ease his mind
Havana daydreamin' oh he's just dreamin' his life away.

Daddy shucked that sugar cane,
One day he fell dead.
Jesus had a wanderin' feelin'
Swimmin around in his head.
Sailin' on a midnight boat,
There were no questions asked,
Water's so green and the air was so clean
That he stuck right to his task, Havana daydreamin',
Oh he's just schemin', his life away.

Ceilin' fan stirs the air
Cigar smoke did swirl,
A fragrance on the pillow case
And he thinks about the girl.
Spillin' wine wine and sharin' good times
She sure could make him smile.
He pays her well but what the hell
He'll be movin' in a little while, Havana daydreamin',
Havana daydreamin'
Oh he'll be dreamin' his life away.

That's the title to one of favorite Jimmy Buffet songs. I would also love to visit Cuba some day when it is free from Fidel Castros brutal reign. This brings me to the current news of the day that Fidel had emergency intestinal surgery yesterday and has passed the baton of power to his brother/right hand man/brutal leader in his own right, Rual Castro. One of these days the people of Cuba are going to rise up and demand a free country. I hope that day is near.


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