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Monday, August 14, 2006

A Good Immigration Paper

I came across a good paper on illegal immigration over at Immigration Watchdog. You can read it here. As we get closer to the GOP Presidential primariry next year, I will be vetting all the GOP nominees to see where they stand on illegal immigration. If they're anything like John McCain's or Mitt Romney's views, they can kiss the conservative vote goodbye. Here's a sample of Gov Romney's immigration views

illegal immigrants should be identified and required to apply for green cards, which would allow them to live and work in the United States. Those whose applications are accepted could stay, the rest would be returned to their native countries.

That my friends is what we call amnesty or regularization according to Hugh Hewitt(nice euphemism Hugh). I'm reading and hearing from Republicans that Romney is up and coming. I want to put a stop to that right now. I hate seeing my fellow Republicans already trying to rubber stamp a guy as Presidential timber when he is all out open borders. It's like the quasi leaders in the party don't get it still. Our base as well as a majority of Americans wants the laws enforced. They'll be no triangulating on this issue.


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