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Friday, August 04, 2006

Best Quote Of The Day

Congressman Sessenbrenner of Wisconsin was interviewed by John & Ken the other day. When asked by the boys what it was like to oppose the White House on illegal immigration, he came up with a great one...

They(the White House) tried to triangulate me on the Real ID Act last year. They found out the hard way that they couldn't roll me on this issue

On another note, when are they going to release Mel Gibson's audio of his anti-semetic rant when he got arrested last week. I need to hear this audio. I can already imagine the song parodies Howard Stern listeners are going to make out of this material. The Pat O'Brien song parodies on the Stern show are hilarious. I need to break down and get Sirius Satelite radio for my truck. I couldnt't believe the awesome sound quality and hardly any commercials to listen to when I was in Arizona last week.


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