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Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Recap

The past two weekends I have gone down to Baja with some buddies to do some four wheeling and hiking. I have been going down there since I was a kid. The first thing you notice when you cross into Mexico is the stench of the country. Maybe Gustavo can answer this for me....why do Mexicans burn their trash in their backyards and by the side of the roads down there? Anyway, the next thing you notice on the drive south to Ensenada are all the high rise condos going up at a breakneck pace in Rosarito. It's amazing. There is a real estate boom happening in Baja and my guess is that the majority of the new homeowners are Americans. The country has so many natural resources down there that you would think it would help their economy out, but everywhere you go you see mostly just shanty towns. We got into Ensenada and the first thing I do is always visit my favorite fish taco stand on Castillo street for the best fish tacos in the world...one of the few things Mexico does well BTW!

Some people are afraid to go down there because of news stories they may have heard, but you just have to use common sense down there. I actually feel safer driving down there than I do driving through parts of Los Angeles. If you do get pulled over by a corrupt local cop or the Federales, you just have to bribe them with a little cash...a small price to pay to enjoy their country I guess. I have only had to do this one time in all the times I have been down there. It was way down south in a city by Cabo called Todos Santos. Once you get out of the cities and into the mountains or down the coast further south it is beautiful. Oh and lastly, you just have to make sure you follow all of their laws, unlike their citizens over here that ignore/break ours.


  • At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "...one of the few things Mexico does good BTW!"

    Are the tacos gooder than your English?

  • At 2:21 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    Thank you Mr. or Mrs English teacher. Thanks also for reading the blog religiously too! I made the change.


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