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Monday, May 01, 2006

Elie Tahari Blouse $110 (on sale), Chanel Lip Gloss $24, Defying the Boycott . . . Priceless

I find it very ironic & funny that my first blog post is devoted to shopping, but I live for days like this! Anyone who knows me knows I love to shop. Today I had the opportunity to do what I do best as a patriotic duty. The best part was that Allan actually encouraged me to go out an spend money today - I was stunned and had to oblige!

But seriously, this is not just about my fun little excursion to Saks Fifth Avenue. The goal for this boycott was to shut down the American economy by not working, not going to school, and not buying anything. It is sad that illegal immigrants feel emboldened enough to demand citizenship rights that they have not earned. It is even sadder that so many politicians in this State stood in solidarity with the protesters. I felt it necessary to do my small part in opposition to this destructive boycott.



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