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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jubal Has Revealed Himself

I have to hand it to Matt Cunningham aka "Jubal" as we now know, for keeping his name a secret for as long as he did. He runs a great blog in OC Blog. I speculated early on that Jubal was Jon Fleischman in an earlier post, but evidence started to mount that Jubal was none other than Matt Cunningham. He pretty much outed himself in my view by going on Rick Reiff's show and trying to hind behind a horrible shadow that revealed Matt's signature goatee. That's when I knew for sure who Jubal was. Like Matt says, his secret identity was soon becoming about as secret as Area 51. I can sympathize with him at the start of not wanting to reveal his real name, but if I had to guess, I would bet that all the publicity that OC Blog now receives has been a nothing but a boon to Matt's consulting business, at least I hope so. He can now charge a lot of money for ads on his site since he is getting so much traffic flowing to the site. He deserves it.


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