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Monday, May 01, 2006

My Spending Spree Today

I went to Ralphs after work and loaded up on groceries for a total of $62.71. I emailed my receipt over to John & Ken who are reimbursing people up to $640 of their purchase today. Later today I think I'm heading over to Nordstoms to do some clothes shopping(ouch...I hate shopping for clothes, but it's for a good cause). I also want to comment on the traffic on the way home from work. There was none going both ways! My drive home south from Huntington Beach is usually good, but the other side going north is a always a big cluster f***. There were noticebly less cars on the freeways today. I wish they would protest every day. This was great. BTW, I loved the classic showcase music from "The Price Is Right" being played in the background as one of the boys was in the glass enclosure pulling out another winner. Click here for the cool music


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