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Monday, April 24, 2006

Arnold Is A Hypocrite

Here's another amusing story quoting our RINOy(new word) California governor. He says that building a wall on the border would amount to "going back to the Stone Ages". What a freakin hypocrite. I wonder if he told Israeli citizens that their wall that they have built was "going back to the stone ages" , what they would say. This is a man who lives in heavily guarded gated community for himself, but it's wrong for us to build a physical barrier along our southern border. Got it. John Sieler of the OC Register gets this issue also. Here is his money quote..."So, it's walls and guards for the elite, an open borders invasion for the common citizens who pay the taxes and whose lives the elite ruins". Yep, you nailed it John.


  • At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…

    Having a wall on the border makes sense. Who would want a house without walls. Without a wall it would just be a revolving door at the border. It takes a lot longer to dig a tunnel than just run across the border. Arnold is making comments on all sides of the issue. Pick the one you like! He actually said it would be foolish to limit yourself to a wall. I agree. Let’s have a wall, UAV’s, high tech sensors, employer verification of employees and more raids like were finally started last week, Illegals would be afraid to go to work, school and demonstrations where they wave the Mexican flag. They would live in fear. GOOD! It is time we stop making it easy for them. Mexico is already sending the US the “wrong message” by dumping there problems on our doorstep. So why are so many people worrying about hurting our “friends” feelings? Arnold said it would cost $500 billion to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. That is $45,000/illegal. I bet I could find a lot cheaper way. They cost us more than that to have them here. In fact if you implemented the employer verification of employees using Soc. Sec. Numbers, had Soc. Sec. report any phony Soc. Sec. numbers withholding deductions to immigration, had lots of raids and stopped giving free services to them, most would not be able to survive here & would selfdeport. The only good thing about President Bush’s low poll ratings is that he has less political capital to use on illegal immigration.


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