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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another Carona Sexual Harassment Lawsuit...Ho Hum

This is becoming routine for Sheriff Carona these days. Another day, another embarrassment for the county. Sandy Trujillo, a secretary in the Sheriff's office, was allowed by the state to file a lawsuit against the Sheriff for sexual harassment. I wonder if that money the County Supervisors gave to the Sheriff for legal expenses is going to pay for Carona's lawyer in this matter. What a loser. This story reminds me of the Clinton era and all the "bimbo eruptions" that he used to have. Unfortunately for the county, this one looks like it going to cost the taxpayers a bundle. I hope the Central Committee members are taking all this in. They will be asked to drink the Carona kool-aid again at the meeting Monday night. I will be there watching it all.


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