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Thursday, April 13, 2006

About That Congressional Race To The South...

It appears that the race for the GOP nomination for the 50th CD will go to Brian Bilbray. I congratulate him on running a good race. I support him for the general special election in June to serve out the rest of the term for the seat. I also want to say that it's time for the man I supported, Howard Kaloogian to hang up his spikes and throw his support to Eric Roach. The same goes for Bill Morrow. Conservatives now need to coalesce behind Eric Roach and urge him to run in the closed GOP primary on the same June ballot for the GOP nomination for the full term. I'm sick and tired of Democrats getting a chance to have a say in who we nominate for our candidates running for office. It's obvious that Democrats crossed over to vote for Bilbray and probably provided him with his margin of victory over Eric Roach. If you add up the votes that all the conservative candidates got(Roach+Kaloogian+Morrow,etc) versus votes for the moderates(Bilbray+Uke,etc), it's obvious that voters in the 50th prefer a conservative over a moderate for their DC representation.

Jon Fleischman stole my thunder on this because he just posted basically the same thing that I'm saying.


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