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Saturday, March 18, 2006

OC GOP Machine At Work(and on display!)

So I fire open the OC Register this morning while fine dining at IHOP here by my house and started busting up laughing at Peggy Lowe's article about the Sheriff's race. Apparently Flash or Mike Schroeder forgot to take out their email thread to each other and it accidentily got forwarded to Peggy Lowe at the Register.....(best Homer Simpson voice)dooooooh! Busted. The OC GOP machine was in full damage control mode about Lt. Bill Hunt's ballot statement. It seems that they persuaded another insider GOP activist errr I mean citizen, Ron Young(husband of Mary Young) to file a complaint about it. It was fun to get an inside look at how politics is played at the highest level in county government. I gotta give credit to the Hunt team for baiting team Carona into this fight. Now Lt. Hunt is getting all kinds of free publicity from this fiasco. He couldn't have written it any better. I don't know what team Carona was worried about. No one reads ballot statements, except political geeks like me and few others. Now everyone that reads the Register is aware of their keystone cops routine. I'm out


  • At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just watched the entire video of the Sheriff's candidate forum. This video appears to be open for everyone to see so membership of AOCDS is not required. Go to www.aocds.org to watch the video.

    I was actually leaning toward Hunt but after watching this video, seeing him not answer many of the questions, lose his temper, stammer and get confused with the simple questions and applying answers to them I realized this:

    To make the Sheriff's Department an organization that can get resources and positive recognition at a local, state and national level we need someone who can EFFECTIVELY promote our organization. Sheriff Carona has done this and can obviously continue do do this for law enforcement in Orange County.

    Thank you ACODS PAC for getting this video to those of us who could not be there.

  • At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bill Hunt states he will disband the Sheriff’s “Bodyguard Detail.” This is how he minimizes what our Dignitary Protection does.

    He refuses to tell the truth about what these fine men really do. 90% of the cases they work are Threat cases, threats against JAIL DEPUTIES. They take each and every threat serious, an example of the fine work is the following excerpt from the Orange County Register, Yes that was their case, started by the sheriff’s bodyguards-or personal protection service. These guys gather intelligence make a threat assessment and works non-stop to get these styles results. The best thing about what they do is you never hear them pounding their chest. They don’t do it for the recognition; they do it because it’s the right thing to do.

    If you believe Bill Hunt they are four do-nothing Investigators in a detail that he, HUNT, will disband.

    But then again according to Hunt, the SWAT team is LAUGHABLE, we have Marginal Assistant Sheriff’s, we have a soaring Crime Rate, Gangs are out of control and if you don’t see this you are an idiot.

    Bill Hunt will violate the Peace Officer Bill of rights, and disband an Investigative Detail that protects Deputy Sheriff’s

    23 arrests made in raid on Peni gang

    The Orange County Register

    SANTA ANA – Agents arrested 23 people Thursday, resulting from a multi-agency effort to put a dent to a white-supremacist gang called Peni, known for drug dealing and identity theft, sheriff's deputies said.
    The two-year investigation led to the recovery of weapons and a few grams of drugs during the countywide raid, deputies said.
    All were arrested for parole and probation violations.

    Heany? You thoughts please??

    17 March, 2006 22:48

  • At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    17 March, 2006 22:06

    Anonymous said...
    What about this shocking News, I am Shocked that not one of the Hunt supporters have commented about Paul Walters...?

    Paul Walters a true Law Enfocement Leader, worked his way from the linestaff and the envy of the country by P.D's across our land...you heard from me first, "America's Chief" enodrses "America's Sheriff"

  • At 3:25 PM, Blogger Elliot N. said…

    While I was at the Medal of Valor luncheon, I saw what appeared to be a heated exchange between Dominguez and Hunt. Now considering I saw this from across the room I could not hear what the exchange was about.

    After the luncheon I spoke with Dominguez and asked what the exchange was about. Dominguez stated Hunt wanted his campaign plan posted on the AOCDS wbe site, he stated since we have links to materials handed out by Carona and Martin, he too should have a link.

    Dominguez explianed to me, he sent a letter to all the candidates that if they had any printed materials to pass out, they should bring it and do so. Martin and Carona were the only two candidates who did. Dominguez further explained the AOCDS PAC commited to getting all information from this forum posted on the web, and that is what is done. Hunt did not bring anything so there is nothing to post.

    Hunt was angry, and because Dominguez would not budge on this and berated him for this.

    After Dominguez told me this, he very politley introduced me to his family, his lovely wife, his daughters, his brothers sister niece and mother.

    As I walked away, it occured to me Dominguez mother was standing next to him while Hunt berated him. Here a time and place when a mother has come to witness and be proud that her son is being honored, Hunt is in full attack mood, and treating Dominguez in a disprectfull manner, in front of his Mom.

    I read Heany's words, they appeared to be heart felt. Heany a man with your compassion for family and your fellow man, please reconsider your support for a Hunt who disrespected Dominguez in front of his Mom.

    This from the an who want to be Sheriff

  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    Hey guys, how about posting a comment about what I wrote and the story that I posted about the "GOP Machine" getting caught red handed. If not, I am going to delete the above comments.

  • At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The GOP machine has been doing this for years. Hand picking candidates..John Campbell, Diane Harkey, are only the most recent examples. Why have elections anymore. Just let Dave Gilliard, Scott Baugh and Mike Schoeder tell us who to vote for. This will only change when they start losing and then lose access. They will make one mis-step then their house of cards will come tumbling down. Maybe this race will be the one time. Where the dem party is controlled by unions our county party is controlled by two fat guys and a lier.

  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave Gilliard generally only wins uncontested races like John Campbell. The only Orange County exception from last cycle was Mimi Walters. He lost everything else.

    If Gilliard, Schroeder, and Baugh hand picked all candidates, why would Tony Rack hire Johnson Clark instead of Gilliard as his consultant? The reason: he thought he had a primary challenge from Spitzer and wanted to win.

    By the way, Gilliard isn't Carona's consultant either, John Lewis is.

    Schroeder and Baugh may be invovled in picking candiates but the other fat guy definately is not.

  • At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I understand Gillaird isn't Carona's consultant. Maybe I should have listed John Lewis. Doesn't anyone remember he was indicted for forgery because he seek out direct mail hit pieces with President Reagan's signature on it. The way the White House found out about the mail is the bad addresses were sent back there. I can't remember how Lewis got off. Maybe somebody else does.

  • At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Falling off my seat in a fit of laughter said…

    Falling off my seat in laughter...this Mary Young is the dope who singhd an elections certificate to vote in a community election under OATH and stated she was eligible to vote in that election. Not only was it a false statement -- her votes were kicked out. THIS is what the GOP comes up with? Someone said she did voter registration. Is that true??? If so, what a joke.


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