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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chuck DeVore Endorses RINO Daucher Over Lupe Moreno

This one is a hard pill to swallow. I don't agree at all with Chuck's endorsement, but then again the race is already lost according to a few higher ups in the party who have spoken to me in confidence. To me this race is a chance to have a good debate on what policies are best for the 34th SD and who the best person is to carry that banner. That person IMO is Lupe Moreno since Van Tran is now not running. I guess we'll have to wait another six more years until this seat is redistricted in 2012 to have a chance to win it in 2014. If Daucher is the nominee, I'm flat out predicting a blowout loss to either Correa or Umberg. The conservative grassroots are not going to be motivated enough to get out there and do the grunt work necessary to to win this seat. The New Majority guys are certainly not going to dirty their hands with this either. Who does that leave to help get out the vote(sound of crickets chirping)? I congratulate the Dems on a fine win.


  • At 6:23 AM, Blogger OCMinuteman said…

    Bring flashlights ...real bright ones...t


    Please join us this Friday at a protest in Costa Mesa


    Since it's St Patrick's Day, Monahan's will be
    packed, so meet us in the parking lot
    across from El Chinaco Restaurant


    DATE:St Patrick's Day!Friday, March 17

    LOCATION:Parking lot across from El Chinaco
    El Chinaco Restaurant
    560 W 19TH St Ste D
    Costa Mesa,CA 92627-5044

    INFO about the rally:

    Mayor Mansoor's plan to have
    the Costa Mesa Police Dept.
    assist U.S. Immigration and
    Customs Enforcement (ICE) to
    arrest criminal illegal aliens.

    MIRNA BURCIAGA is also a
    racial supremacist
    member/supporter of La
    Raza/Mecha/Maldef/La Voz
    de Aztlan racist groups.

    She is running for Costa Mesa
    city council.


    Goon Protest:

    A blocks away:


    The Collectivo Tonantzin, an organization
    dedicated toward defending the rights of
    undocumented workers and all oppressed
    peoples, will be holding a huge St. Patrick's
    Day protest this Friday night on the
    public sidewalk surrounding Skosh Monahan's
    Steakhouse & Irish Pub, a restaurant
    owned by Gary Monahan, a Costa Mesa City

    In addition to this, the Minutemen are
    coming out to dine at Skosh Monahan's on
    Friday nights. Jim Gilchrist was present
    last week and is expected to show up again
    on St. Patrick's Day.

  • At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Allan -- you gotta know this County's GOP is one of the worst of all time; too many kool-aide drinkers; too much entitlement; too many with identity problems--lastest scandal looming is the Sheriff using some poor schmuck to challenge Bill Hunt's ballott statement to remove the phrase: "After 8 years the current sheriff has given us one scandal after another and his record is a failure." Jon Boy isn't reporting it on his F Report; must be worried the AG will come calling about that e-mail sent on County time. When will these Reps ever wake up?


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