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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Follow Up Re: Central Committee Meeting

A lot is being said over at OC Blog about Santa Ana Police Chief's endorsement of Sheriff Carona. Did he endorse or not endorse? As Tim Whitacre said in the meeting, Carona never called and asked for Chief Walter's endorsement. Carona's people were desperate to try to prop their guy up before the committee vote. Here is Tim Whitarce's response to all the naysayers a few minutes ago:

Wow, that sure is some objective reporting, Jubal and Probolsky. How come I never got a phone call and "interview" for this newsworthy article?

It's such NOT a surprise to see Probolsky to go at any length to make his "poll" read the way his client wants...

Regardless, I am still swamped and therefore will be brief until later.

Yes, I had a conversation with Solorio. I called all of my council members and spoke with them. No, the conversation with Solorio has not been presented accurately.

At the Central Committee Meeting - where everything was pre-arraigned by Mike Schoreder, Jon Fleischman and the Executive Committee - to go Carona's way (except for the outcome, thank God), I was given minutes notice as to the format and procedure for the night's event.

Before the meeting, Mike Schroeder personally tried to strong-arm Senate Candidate, Lupe Moreno, to withdraw her support of Lt. Bill Hunt or not speak on his behalf.

Jon Flieschman tried to do the same with Rosie Avila. Additionally, both worked over others as well with their "gentle" fear and intimidation tactics.

Team Carona already had their speakers lined up and primed with what to say. Carona, Schroeder & Fleischman even pathetically brought up Erin Runion, the mother of the brutally murdered 5 year old, Samantha, to plead with us to endorse Carona.

I spoke on behalf of Lt. Bill Hunt, who was at a previously scheduled fundraiser, for ten minutes.

One of the statements I made was, "Sheriff Carona is going try and tell you that he is endorsed by my Chief of Police, Paul Walters. The truth is, Mike Carona has never called Paul Walters to ask for his endorsement."

THAT IS THE TRUTH! Carona has never called Cheif Walters for an endorsement. In fact, Carona has not spoken to Cheif Walters in quite some time now.


WHY DIDN'T JON FLEISCHMAN, who was the last speaker before the vote, SAY ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY?

IF the endorsement of Cheif Paul Walters was SO IMPORTANT, than WHY DIDN'T TEAM CARONA PASS OUT SIGNED COPIES OF THE ENDORSEMENT to all of the Central Committee Members in the same dramatic fashion as the
Jim Lacy letter?

Why did we have to wait until after the Central Committee Meeting to "see a copy" of the undated, sparsely worded, signed statement on plain white paper, here on the ever objective, OC Blog?

I will gladly sit down and take a lie detector test with Mike Carona, Jon Fleischman, Mike Schroeder, Adam Probolsky and Democrat Jose Solorio at the same time, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Let's do this as soon as possible since you people are so hungry to see the "truth" previal. We can invite all major media so that the results can be immediately made known.

Shame on the lot of you. You have no honor, no integrity. You will stoop to any level to try and intimidate and destroy good people.

Well, this Marine has his bayonet fixed and is standing between you and the flag. You want the flag? You have to get through me!

It's time to Restore Integrity and Trust to the Sheriff's Department.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre


  • At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Probolsky is a high school grad and nothing else. What match book did he send in to get his " polling license." No kidding, he once told a group of Republican Women he was a licensed pollster. Ha!


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