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Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm Back Home Safe

I made it back home from Mammoth yesterday afternoon. It's good thing I made the decision to come home yesterday and not today like I was planning. This storm that is blasting us right now in socal has highway 395 closed as of right now because of multiple avalaches and dangerous highway conditions. I left the town of Bishop where I was staying yesterday morning because I did not want to get stuck like thousands of others are in Mammoth right now.

We had a great time up there even though the weather was crappy from the time we got up there this past Friday through to when we left yesterday. We left my house in Irvine at 3pm Friday. There are two ways to go to Mammoth from the OC. The first way is to go out through the 91 to the 15 through Cajon Pass and catch Hwy 395 in Victorville. The other way is through Los Angeles to catch Hwy 14 through Lancaster/Palmdale. I decided since many people would be driving out to Vegas on Hwy 15 that I would take Hwy 14. I was glad I did. I heard on the radio that Hwy 15 through the Cajon Pass was jammed solid for hours Friday night. It took me two hours to get through LA and to the turnoff for Hwy 14, but I was glad I took that route. I called ahead to my Aunt in Big Bine to tell that we were passing through. She invited us for dinner at their restaurant in Big Pine called Rossi's Steak & Spaghetti. The food is excellent. If you're ever heading up to Mammoth or Bishop on 395, the restaurant is in Big Pine on the east side of the road towards the end of town. Tell them I recommended you. The next morning Saturday, Lynn and I headed up to Mammoth to go skiing. The weather was crappy and instead of the usual snow up there, it was a little to warm and it was more like sleet until we got up to the Main Lodge. All lifts we closed by the time we made it there. They were handing out vouchers to people to ski another day. Oh well. We headed back down to Bishop where we were staying and then left the next morning to come home. We had a great time, but I think we're going back in March during some good weather so we can finally get in some skiing.


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