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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dana Rohrabacher Still Defending Jack Abramoff

I was hipped to this Washington Post article over the past weekend by OC Blog today. Dana was still defending Mr. Abramoff up until this past weekend. To be fair, I don't believe he probably feels the same way today after Mr. Abramoff has copped to multiple counts of bribery and fraud. The fact remains though that Dana said that what Mr. Abramoff has done is nothing different than what happens in DC everyday. Do you care to revise and extend your remarks now Congressman? That's sad. What he's basically admiting is that most members are bought and paid for. I'm shocked that he actually said this. I posted yesterday that I wasn't surprised that this kind of thing goes on. What I am stunned by is that finally the Justice Dept. is starting to crack down a little bit on these lobbyists and corrupt members a la Duke Cunningham. Dana needs to put his bong down and start backing away from this guy as far as possible.


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