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Thursday, July 21, 2005

No Bid Contracting Alive & Well In Irvine

Here is another example of Larry Agran & Co. run amok in the city of Irvine. The Orange County Register dug up the invoice for a Great Park glossy flyer distributed to Irvine residents a few months ago. The city was charged $70,308 by Forde & Mollrich to produce 197,000 copies of the flyer. After you add in postage costs, it cost the city a total of $112,979. Councilman Choi and The OC Register called around to few local printers and received quotes from eight different printers. Here are the gory details: seven of the eight bids were between $24k-$35k and the last one was for $60k from a Santa Ana printer. As Robin would say..."holy taxpayer ripoff" Batman! The money quote is obviously from Larry himself.."I feel the people of the city of Irvine not only got their money's worth, but they've gotten much more"! Leave up to a liberal like Larry to turn econ 101 on its head. Mayor Beth Krom also has a great quote..."I think the value returned for the investment is more important than the dollar amount invested". Since the people who run our great city seem to have no idea of the concept of competitive bidding, I'd like to suggest they stop shopping around for any of their next personal purchases. When they go to buy a car or get insurance or any of the other necessities of life, I want them to buy the items without comparing prices. Would they actually do this is their own money were at risk? I highly doubt it. Why would anyone pay more money than they had to? I guess when it is the taxpayers money it is different. Folks do we need any more reason to vote these idiots out of office? Here is the link


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