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Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Musings

.........Well it's back to the grindstone this Monday. In the sales business, last week and last month don't count anymore. What have you done for me lately is the appropriate term I would say. I stayed home for most of the weekend. Yesterday I got caught up watching the hurricane coverage and I was reminded that there is sometimes a heavy price to pay to live near the ocean if your in the hurricane zone. Last night I took my wife out to dinner to Trabuco Oaks Steakhouse in Trabuco Canyon. The ambiance is pleasantly tacky I would say. They have a bunch of cut neckties on the wall & in the rafters from the the unlucky suckers that wore a tie into the restaurant. They also have alot of political memorabilia from past OC campaigns. The restaurant used to be one of Richard Nixon's favorites when he was out here. The food is excellent. We shared a 32 ounce steak called "the cowboy". We were only able to eat about half the thing between the two of us.
..........I also want to take this time to defend my Assemblymember, Chuck Devore. He is getting a lot of heat from the nihilists over at the OC Blog. I was not happy with the new spending in the budget. In fact I have gone on record that I would have voted against the budget, but don't make accusations against a guy that aren't true. Chuck is a real conservative. I also admire him because he was one of the few people to put his neck on the line here in Irvine and run against the Agran/Dornan machine. For that he will always have my eternal gratitude. So what if he doesn't vote all the time like I or others would have voted. Let's try to keep our eye on the ball here.


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