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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Open Letter to Hugh


A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the fetching Mrs. Hewitt. I haven't seen you running the Turtle Rock Dr loop lately. Have you been slacking off your running?
I also wanted to write to you on another topic that is more serious. I didn't get a chance to watch President Bush's press conference today, but I did get a chance to read the transcript. The President was doing great until he got to immigration reform. I think this issue is in the top three as far as national importance and really never have read much in your blog about your stance on this issue. I think the President is giving alot of his conservative base the proverbial middle finger when he talks about this issue. I understand that half a loaf is better than nothing sometimes, but I just get the feeling that he and others are trying to ram down amnesty(or whatever other euphimism he wants to use) down our throats. Just look at all the bad symptoms that illegal immigration has brought California and other border states. We have emergency rooms shutting down at an alarming pace, traffic congestion, all the services that the illegals use(schooling, health car, etc), and not to mention a huge security issue because of the open border policy. Please tell me that Congressmen Sensenbrenner, Tancredo, Rohrabacher, Hayworth, Culberson, myself and many others are completely off our collective rocker on this issue and we should just shut up and accept the White House position.

Thanks for listening to my rant

Allan Bartlett


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