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Monday, December 20, 2004

Ricky Williams on 60 Minutes Last Night

Did anyone else see this guy on 60 Minutes last night? Ricky is a strange fellow. He said his hero in life is Bob Marley, no wonder he smokes the amount of weed that he does. He said that he was scared to death of what people thought of him when they found out about his drug test failure for the third time. He just up and quit from the Miami Dolphins football team. He owes the team around eight million dollars and he said that he is basically broke. What a guy. He also has three kids with three different women. What a great role model for those kids. He's a dad who is high all day long and is broke. I think Ricky will be back playing football next year with a team like the Raiders, who don't seem to mind drafting and signing players with severe character flaws. What a loser.


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