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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Attention Southern California Conservative/Republican Bloggers

I am having trouble finding and reading about illegal immigration here in Southern California from bloggers. David Dreier and Joe Baca are in serious jeopardy right now of losing their seats because they are so weak on illegal immigration and I can't find anyone else writing about this. I thought blogs were supposed to be ahead of the curve on this sort of news, but because Dreier & Baca are Republican(save for Baca), it's like everyone is afraid to post something negative about the congressmen. I wish they had US citizens intrests at heart more than illegals, but they don't and they support amnesty and a whole host of other related issues that are one could classify as being Mexican socialism. There are going to be alot of gasps from national and local Republicans next Tuesday night when the returns start trickling in and Cynthia Matthews is the next congressperson from the 26th district and Ed Laning beats Joe Baca out in Fontucky errr Fontana.


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