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Monday, October 25, 2004

Coffee Is For Closers Only

If anyone is in sales and hasn't seen the movie "Glengary Glenross", well lets just say that John Kerry does not get to drink any coffee. I've related this line from the movie because liberal conventional wisdom says that John Kerry is a strong closer. They say that because Sen Kerry was able to close out his squishy Republican Senate opponents( i.e William Weld), that it will translate over to being able to close the deal with the nation's voters. Well I got news for the Senator, he might have been able to close some RINO Massachusetts GOPers, but closing the deal on the Presidency is completely different and I'm telling people here and now that John F Kerry has not closed any deals with the center right national electorate. The majority of Americans are conservative and middle of the road. They have not bought in to John Kerry's pitch of a so called fresh start. Fresh start to what, rampant liberalism. John Kerry has to get back to sales 101. To market a product, you have to have willing customers. In my humble opinion right now, there is not a majority or plurality of people that have bought into Kerry's pitch.


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