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Monday, October 25, 2004

Powder Blue Endorsements

Drum roll please.....A lot of newspapers and blogs have started their 2004 general election endorsements so the Powder Blue Report is going to weigh in on who I think deserves mine and my readers support. First lets start at the top of the ticket. For President, the Powder Blue Report gives the nod to the incumbent George W Bush. There are things I really like about the President and there are some things that really bother me about George Bush. On balance Mr Bush deserves re-election because we need a strong leader right now to fight the war on terror. Everything else comes second to the defense of this great nation. I wish to God that Bush would do more on illegal immigration which in my opinion is the second greatest danger right now to the country.

For US Senate, Bill Jones will get our support even though he is running an invisible campaign. The incumbent, Barbara Boxer , has not done California or the nation any favors for the last twelve years that she has been in DC. She is way out of the mainstream in California. She needs to be defeated, but it looks like she is cruising to another term right now.

For House of Reps, Chris Cox should be sent back to Washington to continue the fine work he has done representing my district here in Orange County.
I will post later in the week for all the local and state races here in California.


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