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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dodgers & Angels Get A Chance To Avenge Old Demons

Today is the day the Dodgers and Angels both get a chance to avenge their respective demons against the Cardinals and Red Sox. The Dodgers and Cardinals played for the 1985 NLCS and just to refresh old memories(or open a scab if you will). The Dodgers were winning at home ready to wrap up a trip to the World Series and they brought in Tom need-a-homer errrr Neidenfeur to pitch the ninth. I remember this game like it was yesterday. Jack Clark was up to bat with the tying runs on and he hit a ball that is probably still traveling at this moment, ripping the hearts out of all Dodger fans. The Angels had a similar situation a year later in 1986. The were one strike away from a trip to "The Show" when Donnie Moore threw nice fat fastball over the plate that Dave Henderson belted over the wall in left center field. later on in life, Donnie Moore committed suicide, with his wife saying that he could never live this incident down.


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