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Saturday, August 28, 2004

John O'Neil Voted For Al Gore in 2000

I know the liberals/Democrats out there think John O'Neil and his crew of swiftboat mates are part of Karl Roves team, but this article from the LA Times this morning pretty much puts that all to rest. Mr O'Neil's main thrust is to discredit John Kerry as a commander-in-chief. He has called Bush "an empty suit" privately to friends and fellow lawyers in the Houston area. Here's another quote from the article "I've lived a happy life, sure, but at least 15 of my friends died there," O'Neill said. "What I'm dealing with is a set of values that are above and beyond politics. And if following the truth — coming forward — elects Bush, we can accept that". Another side note, all the proceeds from the sale of Mr O'Neils book "Unfit For Command" are going to the Navy relief fund that helps families of killed soldiers financially.


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