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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mimi Walters Mail & CD 45 Update

I was away for a few days on business and got home to find two Mimi Walters mailers that had arrived. Both of them were addressed to my wife who is a high propensity poll voter and target rich demographic....female. The theme to these mailers was veterans/military. Mimi hits Greg Raths hard again for some of his positive quotes he made in the past about serving in the White House with Bill Clinton. These quotes were sourced from Greg's book. In any case, the mailer is hard hitting. There's been a little blowback against Mimi for these negative mailers she has done against Greg dealing with his military service so she also mailed a positive piece saying how she grew up in a military family and lists many endorsements from retired high ranking veterans. It's almost like she is saying...."I know some of you are mad at me for these negative mailers, but look at how much support I have from veterans. Still no mail at all from Raths. I did hear a radio ad on KRLA this afternoon, but at this point he is not doing any mail that I know of. I still expect Mimi to face off against the Dem Drew Leavens in Nov.


  • At 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You really think people will accept Mimi's argument that Rath's did something wrong by taking orders from his military superiors to serve in the Department of Defense while Clinton was President? When she says that he should have refused the assignment, that's like a soldier on D-day refusing to go because he doesn't like FDR's politics. It's obscene. But worse than that, it is telling Democrats in the District that they are less than full citizens, because if someone running for Congress says that a soldier shouldn't work with a Democratic President, they are also saying in advance that they won't help their Democratic constituents with their problems. I don't think people will accept this and I think they will surprise you and vote for Greg Raths, especially since Mimi won't back away from the statement.


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