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Friday, May 09, 2014

Mimi Goes Negative Against Greg Raths

I was kinda surprised to see this piece in my mailbox today. Mimi is going to win this race going away unless something of a game changer happens i.e like running afoul of residency issues that has already snared one State Senator. Mimi has never lived where she claims to have lived in Irvine. It's one of the worst kept secrets in OC GOP politics. Steve Young who ran against her for State Senate two years ago tried to make this an issue, but it never caught on. It's also no secret that our District Attorney T Rack doesn't go after political corruption cases. Short of that or something else big, I don't see the need to mail a piece like this unless you are Dave Gilliard and you just wanna run up fees for your client. Mission accomplished. As far as the substance of the mailer....yeah it's not exactly helpful on a resume to run for an open GOP Congress seat in OC cozing up to Bill Clinton. I also attached another Mimi mailer I got a few days ago on how tough she says she is on private property rights.


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