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Friday, May 09, 2014

More 74th AD Mail and Race Update

Keith Curry was in my mailbox again the other day with a piece pulling at GOPers heart strings...old pictures of him with Ronald Reagan and the statue Newport Beach put up to honor him. As a salesman, I know that people buy on emotion and not logic when they make a decision. They justify it with logic later. That's why I think this is a good mailer even though most us know that Mr Curry is hardly a Ronald Reagan. Reagan would have never banned fire pits. Emanuel Patrascu tells me he has other mail coming out. Still no mail from from Matthew Harper but I did get some slate mailers with him on them. The clock is ticking. I received my absentee ballot in the mail today. As far as the Dem candidates go, there are a lot of Anila Ali signs up around UCI and my part of Irvine but I don't know if she has done any mail. Karina Onofre is sending out press releases about how she is helping to bring the Clippers to OC. How that relates to running a campaign I have no idea. After seeing her performance at the Feet To The Fire Forum a few weeks ago, all I can say is she is not ready for prime time and that's being kind. My guess at this point is that the Nov runoff will be Curry versus Ali.


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