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Thursday, March 04, 2010

We Have A Mike Duvall Sighting....

The guys over at Friends For Fullerton's Future have posted up a great "get" with the first interview of Mike "Drippy" Duvall since his resignation in disgrace last year.  I don't know what Mike's motivation is for coming out and spilling the beans at this moment, but I'm glad he did.  We all like to watch a good train wreck and this definitely fits the description. 

According to Mike, he believes it was a conspiracy to take him down.  Quoting from FFFF....

Although he can not fully explain their motives, Duvall stated that he believe the likeliest scenario is that he was set up by a conspiracy involving Jeff Miller, the assemblyman from Corona, and his aide.  He believes the whole thing was either orchestrated or exploited by Republican operative Jon Fleischman, likely in retaliation for the forced resignation of Fleischman’s wife, a former employee in Duvall’s local office. He claimed that Fleischman had become extremely hostile to him personally.

According to Duvall the “hot mike” on the day his comments were recorded was Miller’s, not his; that in retrospect Miller seemed to coach the conversation into its lewd direction; and that Millers aide almost immediately went to retrieve a copy of the recording. Duvall stuck to his story that his comments were not a true revelation of anything that actually happened, and in fact he was just repeating stuff told to him about another legislator altogether.

Really Mike?  If you didn't "do" the lobbyist, then why did you circle the wagons and then resign?  I mean I have to say, you really aren't believable at all here.  I'm questioning why you would even want to open up this scab at this time. 

I have heard through the grapevine that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.  For now though, Mike says he is the victim

Lastly, I don't if I should be thanking Mike for the reference to "eye patch underwear", but it sure was funny.  Anytime I hear that phrase I will always know where it came from.

Congrats again to the FFFF blog for scoring this interview.




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