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Friday, March 05, 2010

47th CD Watch: Breaking News.....Quang Pham Suspends His Campaign

I just spoke personally with my good friend Quang Pham.  He has decided to suspend his congressional campaign.  I know this was a hard decision for Quang to make, but it was the right decision.  He has decided that he will step aside for the good of the GOP team this November.  I salute him for this.  Here is his press release....

Quang Pham Suspends Congressional Campaign

For Immediate Release                                              

March 5, 2010                                                            

Contact: (714) 653-1140 or media@PhamForCongress.com


GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – Quang Pham, fiscal conservative and Republican candidate for California’s 47th Congressional District, said today that he will no longer seek the nomination. The filing deadline to appear on the ballot is March 12.

        “Winning a seat in Congress requires full commitment of time and money,” said Quang Pham. “Yet my business and my employees now need all of my focus.  In addition, the dynamics of the race have changed significantly.” 

         Several senior Republican leaders praised Quang’s candidacy and his political future.  “Quang’s energy, passion and intelligence are impressive. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) just enrolled him in our Young Guns Program. Perhaps more importantly, Quang is the consummate team player, and his future in Republican politics is bright,” Congressman Kevin McCarthy, chief deputy whip and head of recruitment for the NRCC, said.

           As a business owner and Marine Corps combat veteran, Quang Pham thoroughly impressed many of us in the New Majority,” Tom McKernan, Chairman of New Majority Orange County added. “We admire his desire for unity and his commitment to the long term success of Republican values.  We are encouraging him to stay active with the Republican Party.”

          “According to recent polling, Quang Pham would have been competitive in the primary election,” Congressman Ed Royce said.  “But he realizes that the ultimate goal is to defeat Loretta Sanchez and that a bitter primary fight would leave the winner with fewer resources to accomplish our mission.”

            Scott Baugh, Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, added, “I applaud Quang Pham and I respect and support his difficult decision.  We welcome his participation with open arms.”

 Finally, Quang Pham recapped, “While campaigning, I have met many wonderful people locally and nationally.  I especially thank General William Lyon, a leader among leaders, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, Rod McDermott, Bill H. Lyon, Doug Hamlin, Tom Davin, Carol Rudat, Jeff Stack, Bob Longpre, Marsh Carter, Marjie Shahani, Jim Harker, Bob Mosier, Ron Martell, and Mike McGill.  Thanks to my campaign consultant, Joe Giardiello, campaign manager Nathan Miller, fundraiser Alexandra Wilcox, and to Nick Lecong for his help with the Vietnamese American community and media.

 I thank members of the media, activists, and bloggers who have covered this race since last May and who have shown an interest in learning about me, a first-time candidate.  Continue to hold elected officials and candidates accountable to taxpayers and voters.

 Most of all, I thank my wife, Shannon, my mother, my sisters, and my personal friends who have encouraged me and supported me.”

A resident of Orange County since 1990, Quang Pham is an independent businessowner, decorated Marine Corps combat pilot, author of A SENSE OF DUTY: OUR JOURNEY FROM VIETNAM TO AMERICA, and community leader who was a candidate for Congress in California’s 47th District.  For more information, please visit www.PhamForCongress.com.



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