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Thursday, January 15, 2009

OC GOP Central Committee Officer Races Taking Shape

Over the last few days I have been receiving emails & calls from prospective candidates for First Vice Chair and Assistant Treasurer for the Executive Committee of the Orange County Republican Central Committee. As a newly elected member, I will have a chance to cast my vote in these elections. Fred Whitaker is the incumbent First Vice Chair and he is running for re-election. He is being challenged by former Cypress Mayor Mike McGill. The other race is for Assistant Treasurer. Capistrano School Trustee Anna Bryson is running for re-election and she is being challenged by Zonya Townsend. I have decided that having some competent fresh faces would be a good thing and much needed on the Executive Committee. Therefore I have decided to support Mike McGill & Zonya Townsend.

I have no illusions about what lies ahead for our party. It is going to be a tough road to get the party back to its core message of freedom & smaller limited government. There's also the matter of the party going to the mat for former disgraced Sheriff Mike Carona. Again it was one of the main reasons why I ran for the seat. Most of the current officers on the board supported that endorsement despite a mountain of evidence that said we shouldn't have waded into that race, yet they still rammed through the endorsement. It is going to be an interesting evening next Monday at the Hyatt Irvine. All guests are welcome to attend.


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