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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mt. Whitney Or Bust

I've been wanting to scale the heights of Mt Whitney for a long time. It gives me a good goal to shoot for as well as to get back into great shape. You need to apply for permit from the Forest Service through a lottery that begins on Feb 1st of each year. Last year I didn't get selected. This year however, I got lucky and got the dates of July 16th & 17th to climb the tallest mountain in the Continental US. I've been training hard for the last month and I have two and half more months of grueling workouts and training hikes scheduled for the three local Southern California peaks...San Jacinto, Baldy, & San Gorgonio. I will post pictures of my trip when I return. Here's a great Mt. Whitney forum for all those whose curiousity about climbing this mountain I may have peaked.


  • At 11:36 AM, Anonymous cook said…

    Good luck on your climbs.

    Looking forward to pictures.

  • At 8:42 PM, Blogger The Pot Stirrer said…

    Lest your readers think you're going to be pounding pitons into rock, going vertical, etc., the Whitney hike is just that - a hike. It will burn your lungs and give you blisters. The launch point from Whitney Portal is very special - a little lake, rushing waterfall. Also, take some time to visit the Alabama Hills on the way up to the jump off point. And, if you have time, a visit to Manzanar is worth the side trip.

    On another note, I guess we'll find out just what a magician Norm Chow is now that he and the Bruins are almost out of quarterbacks!


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