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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get Ready For A Full Point Cut By The Fed Today

We are truly headed into uncharted territory when it comes to our economy. You might call it the "Orwellian Era". At a time when the Fed should be doing all it can to fight price inflation, they are instead throwing massive amounts of gasoline onto the inflation fire with this cut today. The silver lining of these cuts is that they are temporarily driving the stock market up. This is giving the people that heretofore haven't gotten out of the market, a chance to do so in a nice orderly fashion. This is a gift people. I hope you take it. I of course will using this great opportunity to add to my shorts on all the investment banks that are left standing. Of course as everyone has heard, Bear Stearns is no longer with us after getting unceremoniously bought up for $2 bucks a share yesterday by JP Morgan.


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