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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Staggering Ten Year Costs Of Iraq & Afganistan War

Today the Congressional Budget Office came out with a ten year estimate of the cost of the Iraq & Afganistan wars. It has a mind blowing $2.4 trillion dollar price tag to it. That's right. This pretty much blows out of the water the argument that a lot of my conservative friends make about wanting smaller government. They're giving pure lip service. How in the hell can you have smaller government when your bankrupting the next generations to come. This cost amounts to a tax of $8k on each person in the US. George Bush is making Ted Kennedy blush with this kind of big government. I believe Hillary said something the other day that America can't afford all her ideas. I'll do you one better Hillary...America can't afford any more Bush ideas either, especially another costly war in Iran.


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